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Closing Times

Closing Times

It’s festive time!! Well its after the Christmas pageant right!! I love this time of year and its the time of year when we really make an effort to spend time with those we love, be it friends, family, partners, animals – whatever! Oh and the weather is good for it too.

Just an early heads up to say that the Jade Norwood Office will be closed from 13th of December to the 8th of February. This means that there will be no shooting, no editing, or putting albums together. Phew! I can’t believe I have said that – and others won’t either knowing the workaholic that I can be, but I am getting my priorities a bit more shifted these days and I am so excited to be taking the time to spend with friends, family and of course Lacey and Chelsea, go to the Australian Open, and just enjoy some time not tied to my computer while everyone else parties on for a change…

So I hope you make the time to do the same, reflect on the year that was, get excited about the year that is to be, and feel general gratitude for life in general.


Coffee, Calamari, Friends, Hot Chocolate…

Coffee, Calamari, Friends, Hot Chocolate…

Being a wedding photographer in Adelaide, I get to go to a lot of nice cafes to meet clients face to face (when somehow the stars align, and I’m in their area at the right time, not on the other side of the state!). For the coffee lovers of Adelaide, this would be ideal – I get to test out the best and write off the worst café’s in search of Adelaide’s best coffee. There’s just one thing…

I don’t like coffee.

That would come as a shock to the people who know how late I can stay up working sometimes. I’m certainly a night owl, and during the wedding season probably survive on the same amount of sleep as parents of a newborn. But my dislike of coffee and tea clearly isn’t what helps keep me up. It’s music, and tv shows, and replays of the netball. I am obsessed with Friends and Criminal minds also gets a rerun here and there. With their help, the time between 7-9 at night is definitely my most productive time period. Keep an eye on my Facebook page, because I often make shout outs for music, movie or tv series inspiration!

So what else don’t you know about me? Well, I also don’t like the taste of beer and wine…so you know that I’m not going to be dipping into your bar tab at the wedding reception… However, if you’re serving calamari, or even Camembert Cheese and Fig Paste, I definitely wouldn’t mind if you set some aside for me.

My love of calamari probably comes from living on the west coast, where seafood is a staple and part of the reputation of the Eyre Peninsula. I will never call any other place home; Denial Bay is where my heart belongs despite all of the travel I do. Speaking of travel – I’ve managed to get to every state in Australia except Tasmania, but despite all of my dreaming about overseas adventures and possible destination weddings, I still don’t have my passport! (Thinking that someone give me the excuse to get one!)

There’s probably a lot about myself that I haven’t managed to reveal on my Facebook and website – not through lack of wanting to, but because of the wedding and photography focus – and a to do list that is rewritten every day and is never actually achievable.

So in the words of Julie Andrews’, I’m going to start doing a few blogs around ‘getting to knowwwwww youuuuu, getting to know, all, about youuuuuuu’ (except you’ll be getting to know more about me!). I think part of choosing your ideal wedding photographer is more than just their style and prices, it’s about their personality and whether you will fit together, so it is only fair that I give you every chance to learn my personality…..

….and that when we can organise a meeting, I’ll be looking for the café with the best hot chocolate.

Because every blog post needs a photo, love love this one of Kym and Emily, can’t wait to share their wedding on the blog.

wedding photographer adelaide

Netball World Cup Sydney 2015

Every body loves Fridays, but this Friday has to be my favourite, because today is the opening day at the 2015 Netball World Cup in Sydney!

To be here really is a dream come true for me – I may have had to give up netball but my passion for it (almost) surpasses that of photography. Thanks to the new Netball Live App I watch some netball EVERY day! The app gives everyone the opportunity to watch all of the ANZ games of netball and now the world cup, whenever and where ever we feel like it – which is genius because a lot of the time the current season isn’t shown on Free to Air TV.

You can take a look at the matches format of the World Cup here but I think I will be sticking around the Allphones Arena all day to catch all of the action there. I have tickets to all of the Australian Diamonds game days, including the finals – of course the Aussie netballers will be there til the very end!

I am so unbelievably excited to be here, and cant wait to immerse myself in all things netball. The greatest of the greats will be here, and I cant wait to see all the teams fight it out, but of course I have a green and gold beating heart.

So you might not hear from me for a few days, its camera down and just enjoy, but keep an eye on my Instagram @jadenorwoodphotography to see some of the action – and remember, if you want something, make it happen!

netball world cup sydney

(iPhone snap – which ill be using a lot more of in the next week)



Witnessing the evolution of families is something that I have had the privilege of enjoying. Usually, you just see the wedding imagery side of my photography business and I love to share that with you, but I wanted to take a step back, shift gears for the night, and share with you something that is truly special to me – family. And today I was lucky enough to document a beautiful family.

In photography packages for my clients I sneak in magnets, with the famous and often used quote from Dr Suess; “Sometimes you don’t know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” I use this, because I think that it is inherently true and is the ideal description of what I do – capture the moments in our lives that are incredibly special, and enable them to remain as vivid memories. That is the value of photography.

The memories that I have captured with my clients start with their engagement photography, move into their wedding photography, and then I am blessed to celebrate these clients growing their families in maternity and newborn photography. Or sometimes, we start with family photography and add to their albums with wedding portraits – daughters make the best flower girls!

These days, I’m incredibly busy with weddings and their associated travel, so I have had to cut back the amount of newborn and family photography to ensure that I get my own downtime, and most importantly, time with my family.

I am so so lucky to have beautiful nieces Lacey and Chelsea in my life, and am even more thankful for them knowing that a family like that might not be in my future. There are a lot of people that have difficulties growing their families, and my heart breaks in sympathy for the pain and devastation they go through. So when I am asked to photograph families in their beginnings I truly recognise and rejoice in the miracle that it is.

However, these little miracles don’t run on a schedule, and with my wedding photography taking me all over the state (I’ve still got my fingers crossed for an overseas wedding!) I am finding that I can’t commit to many new clients for their newborn photography – it is guaranteed that I will be in the wrong place at the wrong time to capture these cuties, and with my style of photography it is best to meet the babies in the first 2 weeks of life. I’m sad that I have had to photograph less of these miracles, and all the fun that it involves, but I am glad that there are a few times where all of the planets align and I get to go back and visit clients who I have been friends with since their wedding photography or the beginning of my business, meet their new additions, or update the family photos.

The experiences I have had in photographing families, meeting newborns, learning miracle stories of children, being the recorder of a passage of time or a special person since passed has taught me important things – like making time for family and friends and arranging priorities to suit what is best for you – not just your business. A VERY tough lesson in a small business! But the biggest thing this has taught me is to find something that you appreciate in every day. Practice gratitude and the very fact that you make the effort to find something to be thankful really will change your perspective on life.

What am I thankful for everyday? My family: Family is forever, its like branches of a tree growing in different directions yet your roots remain as one. You can travel the world in search of what you need only to return home to find it….

Thanks to my Dad + all the ANZAC’s

Thanks to my Dad + all the ANZAC’s

Saturday we remembered in celebration the 100th year of the Gallipoli Landing. As the flags were lowered to half mast, we stood beneath them, heads bowed, reflecting on those that fought beneath that very same Australian Flag. Our war veterans.

I am proud of my Dad, so very proud, as he was one of those veterans, fighting for rights, justice and peace. It seems nowadays that we all know or are connected in some way with someone who has been a member of the armed forces, fighting for the same things that were fought for 100 years ago. Sacrifice, bravery, commitment, mateship, honour – all words we associate with our ANZAC’s, but things we can not truly comprehend in our lives of comfort, convenience and safety. Whether it was a war a century ago, or a battle for peace that continues in this millennium, I don’t think we will ever grasp what people have gone through, their experiences, their emotions, their continued battles. But we can thank them, and on ANZAC day, that is what we do.

Our gratitude and remembrance shouldn’t only live on this date, April the 25th, but it should continue in our daily lives. Appreciating our freedoms, being thankful that we will never have to know the gut wrenching moment when a son, brother or husband is called for duty, or the call that they’re not coming home. Understanding that is our responsibility to remember, to learn and to live this gratitude through our actions, not just our words.

I was so pleased to see a great turn out at our local ANZAC Day Dawn Service. While I know that the milestone of 100 years since the Gallipoli landing was a big reason for the increase in attendance numbers around Australia, I hope the experience of remembrance and gratitude sticks with us all, and brings us back year after year, to honour those who gave their all for us. I don’t think any of us can accurately describe what they went through, why and how we feel grateful, and what life would have been like then, and now, but I hope that at our core we will always remember and be thankful for the men, the women and animals at war, those who waited for them back home, and those that continue to go into battle for us today.

Thank you.

Below are some photos of my Dad when he was at Vietnam. I loved looking back at the photos he has from that time, thankfully they are printed and not on a floppy disk somewhere!! I am so glad that we have photos like these to build us a greater picture of their stories. Thanks Dad, Im so proud to call you my Dad, love you.

anzac day aussie proud
Dad in Vietnam
anzac day aussie proud
Dad digging a gun pit Nui Dat Vietnam
anzac day aussie proud
A newspaper clipping about Dad getting wounded
anzac day aussie proud
Fisher, Dad, Butler + Hoffrichter (Uncle Bluey)