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Kimberley + Jamie’s Wedding Day

When Kimberley met Jamie through her Maid of Honours’ now husband, she knew he was the type of person she was looking for – charming, funny, and a bit of a country boy. Coincidentally, they met at the Woolshed in Adelaide where Jamie bought Kimberley a drink, which led to dancing, talking and whole lot of laughing. “This led to numerous campfires, camping and dinner dates. It’s now 6 years later and the rest is history.”

“I knew from my first impression of Kim, she would be the kind of girl I would like to date. She was down to earth, cute and was a country girl at heart. I took Kim on a date to a camping spot I had grown up with all my life; we slept in the back of my ute. The weather was terrible, it was raining and cold, but it didn’t phase her at all. This was the moment I knew she was the one.”

For Kim, it was when she took Jamie home  to the Eyre Peninsula for her 21st where he met her mum and dad. “He had to make a speech in front of 100 odd people that had known me since I was a kid. He knew next to nobody and was incredibly nervous, but won my dad over instantly – and me at the same time. ”

Years down the track they celebrated their wedding in front of their now mutual friends and family. It rained…all day. Not just showers, but bucketing down- and once again, the rain didn’t phase them! They didn’t let it get in the way of their love, and their wonderful day. Their bridal party was also so cruisy, full of life and fun, that there was no way the dark skies could ruin this momentous day.

I loved the moments shared between father and daughter when Kimberley was getting ready and his adorable face when he saw his little girl dressed as a bride in her strapless sweetheart dress – and gorgeous belt detail. The adoration in Kimberley’s Mum’s eyes was just as evident, standing back with a smile as Kim’s bridesmaids fussed over her dress. Kim’s dad even walked her out to meet her husband-to-be for their first look photos – they were looking forward to this moment as it was going to be more intimate than walking down the aisle in from of 140 people. Jamie held onto balloons to prevent him from sneaking a peek as Kim and her dad strode arm in arm towards him, but no one could hold onto their emotions when he finally let the balloons go and turned around to see his stunning bride.  The way Jamie looked at his wife all day showed just how much they loved each other.

Due to the rain, their planned outdoor ceremony had to be moved inside, but with the scene having already been set for their reception at the Port Lincoln Racecourse the move wasn’t a hassle, and Kim shone as she walked down the aisle with sparkling fairy lights behind her. Flanked by her bridesmaids in full length navy dresses and groomsmen in grey suits, they said their heartfelt vows and you would have struggled to find a dry eye in the room.

We attempted to venture outside for bridal party photos, and I want to thank everyone in the bridal party for going with it in that crazy weather! We played around with the umbrellas and were blessed with a break in the clouds as we stood atop Winter’s Hill (how ironic). I loved the unique wedding bouquet style and that the menus were presented in the old folded paper fortune telling game – what a flashback!! The detail on the all white wedding cake was divine, the décor sparkled, and the homemade jam from Kim’s mum for the guests was a (literally) sweet touch!

As they entered the wedding reception, Jamie planted a kiss on his smiling wife’s hand. “The thing I love the most about Jamie is how much he cares for all the people in his life. He is the first to bend over backwards for anyone, even if it means working 7 days a week, for weeks on end. He is incredibly determined to create a wonderful life for us and our future family.” It was so special that they shared with me their exciting news – still secret on their wedding day – that they were expecting! I loved being able to use pictures announcing their secret to finish their beautiful wedding album – it truly tells the story of their love, family and their day.

Kim and Jamie are such a wonderful down to earth couple, who love their camping and fishing days, cooking over hot coals and kicking back with a wine (well not for these nine months!), and are working hard to set up their life together. “Everything we have accomplished so far in our life we have done side by side.” Here’s to a long and loving life together, side by side, and to your next adventure when the little one arrives!

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First looks.. love love love!!

first look in the rain with red balloonsfirst look in the rain with red balloonsfirst look in the rain with red balloonsfirst look in the rain with red balloons

Check out these champions.. See the rain and they are still enjoying their wedding day as they should…

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The reason I love weddings…

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  1. My Stunningly Beautiful Cousin Kim and her Amazing Husband Jamie ♡ love them to bits ♡ and OMG Jade you have captured them Perfectly ♡ even with the rain it was still a perfect day and you have managed to immortalize those perfect memories ♡ Thank you x

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