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Thank You

Thank You

On behalf of the team at Jade Norwood we just wanted to take the time to give thanks for you, each everyone of you.

We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us. Counting you among our customers is something for which we are especially grateful.

I personally want to take this chance to thank the beautiful people that I come across in my work; and a huge thank you to my clients from my local home town! Booking work at home is extra special for me.

Thank you for your continual support of my business, whether it is through a booking, a Facebook like, commenting on a blog post about how much you love it, or sharing the joy of your photos with friends and family.

Thank you for referring me onto other families and newly engaged couples. A referral is the greatest compliment – it says that I did a great job for you, and you trust me to do a great job for someone that means a lot to you, and that means a lot to me.

Thank you for your loyalty, for coming back to me for more photographs – this means the world to me.

Thank you for allowing me to feel your joy and be a part of the big moments of your lives, for allowing me to indulge my creative passions (which in turn brings me joy) and for becoming my friends through it all.

May I suggest a simple but very important reminder to you all – back up your photos…twice! Put them on a computer and then back them up onto hard-drives to keep your photos forever… don’t let us become the lost generation of crashed computers, drowned iPhones and missing memories.

Even better store your top favourite photos each month/year to a cloud like drop box!!

And also PLEASE PRINT your photos, not just the ones your get done professionally, but those snaps you take on your phone and on you own camera… Just think how are your kids going to share photos of you with their kids!!

young girl and pony

I want to give you all a great big hug, just like Chelsea is giving Picaso the best cuddle!

girl and pony


Top 7 Secrets to Getting Booked as a Photographer

Top 7 Secrets to Getting Booked as a Photographer

As a photographer how good does it feel to say, “Bam! Just booked another shoot”. I have spoken to so many photographers over the last few months that are struggling to get bookings and struggling to keep their businesses going! So I created a FREE pdf download to help you get your calendar booked!

Do you:
+ Feel like you’re not making the money you want to make, you used to love photography, and now you’re wondering if you can ever make enough money?
+ Have you been hustling & working hard with your photography with little results to show for it?
+ Feel like other photographers must have something you don’t and you’re really afraid of failing and not being able to book enough clients?
+ Worry sometimes that you aren’t good enough to get paid as a photographer?
+ Feel like you are struggling to make enough money to turn your photography into something profitable, not just have an expensive hobby?

Don’t feel alone, I felt that way for many years also!

Download this free training and you’ll learn:
* How to get booked and stay booked solid with clients you love.
* How to make consistent income from your photography business.
* How to believe in your own ability and build confidence
* How to get visible to your ideal client

Now if you’re the type of person that goes into overwhelmed mode and puts this information in the too hard basket for now, even though you recognise some great material that you can act on, just know you’re really missing a great opportunity. Please, don’t put this guide on your proverbial harddrive shelf to gather dust and never been seen again. You don’t need to use all of the tips, or even most of them, so don’t get your self stressed out over not being able to do it! What you really need to do most is step 1 – nail your ideal client. From there, just pick what suits you best and work it! You might find a few approaches in this guide that really do the trick for your business, and down the track you’ll still have tons of other options to continue to switch up your strategies if you so choose.

I’m not saying it is going to be easy; you need to put in a lot of hard work in the beginning and be determined in your approach. You may get a ‘No Thanks’ response from time to time, but that’s ok – you just get up and get going again and again and again!

My top Secrets include: Identify your ideal client, Practice makes perfect, Positive mindset, Tell everyone what you do, Develop and implement a marketing calendar…

To find out all 7 and maybe even some bonuses… and to find out how to use each of these secrets Click HERE to sign up to have access to the FREE DOWNLOAD Top 7 secrets to getting booked PDF

top 7 secrets to getting booked as a photographer

I also have something super awesome to share with you all… For JUNE I have a HUGE MASSIVE SALE on mentoring..


ONLY 2 positions left available

Package includes:
1 – 4 hour intensive call
5 – 45 minutes calls
$880.00 AUD
(to be used within three months)

We will build a personal plan for you, some of which may cover:
– Learn marketing funnels so you can make consistent income from your photography business
– Implement your system and structures, and automate client booking and money making
– Put in place the best referral methods so that you get booked out by your dream clients and have waiting lists
– Learn how to exactly structure an email so it takes you a fraction of the time
– Learn how to master the relationship building process so your clients are excited to work with you and happy to pay your services
– Learn exactly how to stream line your every day tasks and what you should be focusing on to make money and what you don’t need to spend your time on so you can make more money in your business consistently
– Become masterful at your craft so that you can charge high level prices and hear yes book me in more often
– Avoid the number one branding mistake that most photographers make and instead create a conscious brand on purpose to easily sell your packages and make them irresistible
– How to further develop your passion so that you can be consistent and get clients without wasting time on fb and missing out on family time
– The exact tools and systems to use to cut your editing time in half so you can make more money and spend more time with the people you love

This is crazy value for money…

I just really want to support more people to show them what is possible with continued support!

Please schedule in for a time on the 30th June – We wont need to chat at this time, it is just a way for the scheduler to book in and secure your package. We will communicate via email to lock in your exact sessions.

Click the following link to secure your position NOW:

mentoring for photographers

What can mentoring do for you?

What can mentoring do for you?

Starting your own business is not a decision that is made lightly. Even once you’ve established your business, amongst all the wonderful days, beautiful moments you’ve photographed and the messages of gratitude you’ve received, there are still moments in the dark of night when you’re holding back the tears filled with fear about whether you can keep doing it or not.

Whether it’s your finances, energy, workload or lack thereof bringing you down, it doesn’t have to force you to quit. Business coaching can help you to turn around those problems, reach the goals you didn’t think were possible, pre-empt problems and give you the skills to find the solutions. Empower yourself, and you’ll add power to your business.

I get it – I’ve been there. I’ve sat at the computer for hours and hours, editing photos, getting very little sleep, and totally under-selling my skills and work in an effort to please and secure customers. I was having to turn down catch-ups with friends, time with my family, and that all important mental break for myself because I was working…too hard…for too little return. In the end, it wasn’t just me that suffered. I couldn’t give my all to my clients, just like I couldn’t give all to the important people in my life, and seemingly for nothing. The passion can disappear pretty quickly when you get to that point. The biggest turning point for me is when friends no longer invite you to things because they know you will be working.

But I didn’t give up, and I used coaching techniques to completely makeover my photography business, and in turn, my life! And now, through my training and experience, I can do the same for you! Turn what might now be a hobby making very little money, into a six figure business, all the while reducing your working hours. Making more money and working less might sound crazy, but it is possible!

What are your priorities? Making a living to enjoy life? Indulging a passion through your business? Having a solid two days off a week? Growing your business? Being more efficient? Finding your style? Finding and taking new opportunities? Maybe you can’t even recognise your priorities, let alone getting them in order – that’s when you definitely need a coach on your team!

I don’t want to see people suffer in small business; I want to see them thrive. I want other photographers to bypass the lows that can be experienced, and know how to work towards the highs. You don’t have to figure it out blindly on your own – employing a coach isn’t throwing money away, it is investing in the success of your business. I can tell you THAT from experience!

I currently mentor a few different types of photographers. Some who are hobbyists wanting to learn more about camera techniques and editing, others that are newbies in business and just starting out, and those that have been in business for a few years but are struggling to get bookings or that want to get their life back! And to tell you I love my job is an understatement!!

When I get emails from clients between our calls so excited to tell me they have got bookings, biggest sale so far or that they just finished editing a family session in record time… it really does make my heart swell!!

For those of you who don’t know I have a facebook group called “Basics to getting booked as a photographer” Click here to join
This is for photographers who are really ready to finally earn consistent $5k-$10k months in business; who are excited about the prospect of reaching six figures and the chance to get away from behind the computer more often to have more time with family and loved ones. It’s for photographers who want to feel confident about charging their prices and get paid what they are worth, working with a calendar booked full of ideal clients and not being worried about when the next inquiry is going to come through.

I have created a FREE ebook with “My Top 7 Secrets To Getting Booked” as a photographer:
click the link to download it

I have also created another FREE ebook to share with you my Wedding Workflow Checklist.
Click the link to the download

To make sure you are signed up to get all the tips and tricks I share click HERE to sign up to the photographers newsletter.

If you ever want to ask me a question the best way is to join the LIVE Q+A on Wednesday nights (TONIGHT). Join the facebook group and a reminder and a link is always put in there.

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Mentorship with Jade Norwood

Mentorship with Jade Norwood

Not a lot of photographers have coaches/mentors, and a lot of people in Australia don’t seem to know what a professional mentor even is, and many struggle with the fact of having one. But at this stage of my life and business, when I am talking to people and they don’t have a coach, I’m thinking….’Well why the hell not?!’. If only I knew 6 years ago what I know now. I would have invested in a mentor and saved a lot of the heart ache, tears, frustrations and slow learning!!

We rely on coaches in sports like AFL, Olympic events – even your kids little athletics, to help you get to your peak. Some of these coaches haven’t even played at an elite level – take Lisa Alexandar who is the Aussie Diamonds netball coach. It’s not just her netball skills that got her to that position, but also her coaching skills. When it comes to photography business mentorship with me, it is about getting coached by someone who has started from scratch, and now has a successful six-figure business, and has the skills to take you there too.

The art of coaching has been defined as this by the Divine Living International Coaching Program For Women: “An extraordinary and unique relationship designed to create a significant impact and sustainable results in all areas of a person’s life.” Sounds pretty great huh? It’s about getting asked all the right questions to empower yourself, finding your own personal solutions and becoming a driver of your own success. I am very client centred and I believe the answers are within my clients, I do go back and forth between modalities of teaching, guiding, advising, but most of all I ask a lot of questions because I really believe the answers are within my clients and that really trumps anything else.

I am offering 1:1 Coaching for photographers who are looking to create their first $5k-$10k months, wanting a six-figure business and the lifestyle they dream of. I work with photographers who are either just beginning their business, or who have been running their business in the photography industry for some time, but want to take it to the next level of success and sustainability.

Do you feel like you can’t make enough money, that you’re always sitting behind the computer editing or communicating, and missing out on life happening around you, and you just never seem to get on top of everything you need to do? Do you wish you could again feel in love with being committed to your business? Wouldn’t you like to be making a great living out of your business, but still be able to have more quality time with your family/partner/friends – or simply doing the things you want to because you now have the time and money to do so?

We can work together to make that happen for you.

To find out more about Mentorship with Jade Norwood, click here or contact me today – [email protected]

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What does coaching/mentoring mean?

What does coaching/mentoring mean?

You might have seen lately that I’ve been talking about my ‘Coach’ and ‘Coaching’ – no I haven’t signed up early to coach the Australian Netball team (I wish!) but I have decided to delve back into the work of helping others, previously in youth work and now, in an effort to tie in my love of photography, I have been learning and updating skills to coach/mentor hobby photographers or other photographers who are in business that are struggling to get it to that next level. It can be about teaching someone how to use his or her camera to get the best out of their equipment. It can be about taking a landscape and learning editing techniques to make it pop. It can be about how to use lightroom efficiently to speed up your workflow, instead of being stuck behind your computer all your life. It can be around getting your calendar booked so you are no longer working a 9-5 job as well as doing photography to make enough money to survive. It can be about help with packaging and pricing your services so you fall in love with your offer, feel super confident and attract ideal clients you love who say yes more often. It can go bigger than that and be about identifying goals in photography, business and life. The beauty of working one on one over an extended period of time means that all your concerns will be addressed, unlike when you go to an in person workshop or watch a training online. Yes, some of your questions may be answered, but what happens in 2 months time when you have finally implemented that change but have come across another hurdle?

I think one of the hardest challenges I will face in this new venture is to demystify what coaching/mentorship actually is. When most people hear coach they think sport or something that happens in America not in Australia! You’ve probably already been coached in the workplace, but haven’t had it called ‘coaching’ as such. Instead you might have sat down with a team leader and discussed your skills, how you might develop them to boost your current performance, and set goals to get you there.

Coaches aren’t counsellors. A coach is there to help you from the get go – possibly even helping you to start from scratch to develop the skills and knowledge you need to get from where you are, to where you want to be, most effectively. They can be employed to help you start up your new small business, or work alongside someone who has been in business for a few years, but wants to take it to next level and just can’t seem to work out how.

In sport, your ‘coach’ is obviously the person on your team labelled ‘coach’! AFL coaching staff and Elite Netball coaches have training and knowledge that allows them to bring the best out of their players for that end goal – the yearly premiership as a team, but longevity of their career as an individual sportsperson. In business, it could be your manager, or someone you hire in, who challenges and develops you so that you can function as self-sufficiently as possible. It isn’t necessarily just for your success, but for your over all survival!

Depending on who you are talking to coaching and mentoring can mean the same thing. There is no judgement from a coach/mentor about your skills or goals, but there is the motivation to reach beyond where you currently are and make a lasting change to your life and business.

Move away from the exhaustion, stop wondering why everyone else seems to be doing ‘better’, and quit thinking ‘I’ll be happier/business will be easier/I’ll make more money…when…” and work towards it now!

What Olympic runner ever won gold without a coach? None! So why should photography or ANY small business for that matter be any different? You don’t have to go it alone, but you CAN take leaps and bounds ahead of the rest and avoid a lot of mistakes, simply by getting a coach on your team.

Do you want to learn how to take image like the one below? Do you feel like other photographers must have something you don’t and your so afraid of failing and not being able to book enough clients? I’ll explain more in the next weeks about how I’m bringing coaching/mentorship to the Jade Norwood brand, what it could mean for you, and how to get involved.

coaching mentoring for photographers